Building and Remodeling- Consumer Law- Lesson 101

Building & Remodeling

Consumer Law in Connecticut- Lesson 101


When you first got your driver’s license, you had to take a test to show your proficiency. Unfortunately, this is not so with builders and remodelers. Home Improvement Contractors (Remodelers) and New Home Contractors do need to have a registration from the State to work legally for consumers, but all they need do is fill out a form and mail in a check. No test or even a letter of competency is needed. The good news is that part of each of those checks goes into a Guarantee Fund for ripped off consumers. In order to qualify, you must have hired a contractor that was registered at the contact signing and have a court judgment that is uncollectable. The funds are limited but it is still some assurance that some lost money may be reimbursed. You can check State licenses online at

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