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What You Should Expect During The Remodeling Process


You have saved and planned. You have decided once and for all do go for the remodel of your dreams. You have called your contractor, and made plans to start on the first of next month. While you and the contractor wait for the building permit to be issued, you and your family contemplate “What should I expect during construction”?  Hopefully your contractor has truthfully discussed this with you during contract preparation. In case you are still in the dreaming of the project stage, here is a reality check in advance.


A friend of mine, a remodeler out west, sent me a one page PowerPoint slide entitled “Funk Chart” This graph shows the emotional highs and lows, of all of the participants, from the beginning to the end of the project. The contractor remains on the same plane throughout as this is just another day at the office. The Owners in his example, start off very excited but drop to the bottom of the chart as the noise and dust begins. They slowly get back to the top of the chart as the finishing touches are complete.


If you are able to move out of the house for the duration of the project, you can skip to the end of the article. The reality for most of my past clients, is that they will leave for work each and every morning with a team of construction types already on the job and come home to find significant changes. Different phases seem to go fast or slow to the Owners. Demolition and framing are immediate gratification tasks and appear to go fast. Sheetrock taping seems to go slow. This is a three day process that can take much longer when it is humid. New wood floors and tile appear to go quickly and finish work and trim go slowly.


The biggest obstacle for both the Owners and contractor is DUST. (Those of you that have already done this are shaking their heads). No matter how well the temporary barriers of plastic are installed, the dust seems to get everywhere. At least one hour at the end of every “demo” day on my jobs is cleanup time. Sweep, vacuum (not with the Owners vacuum!), mop… whatever it takes… every day! Still the little dust buggers come out of hiding after we have left and end up with a film everywhere. I won’t pretend that I have an answer for this except to make you aware of an industry problem in the customer service department (No worries, I wear that hat too!)


In order to graphically outline what, and what will not be accomplished each day; I give every Owner a day by day schedule of construction. You will know in advance what tradesman is coming to accomplish what task. The Owner is also included on the schedule, with selection deadlines of various materials. If you are not able to make a selection by the deadline, you can see that it will impact the overall schedule and delay celebration of a beautiful new remodel and no dust!

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