Uncategorized How Long Should My Roof, Furnace, and Major Appliances Last Building & Remodeling How Long Should My Roof, Furnace, and Major Appliances Last   Every Town, Business, and Homeowner should have a major capital expenditure plan. When will all the expensive items move passed their life expectancy and be a ticking time bomb until failure? There can always be an unexpected mechanical breakdown, but I’m […]
Uncategorized What Projects Should I Do Myself? Building & Remodeling What Projects Should I Do Myself?   I have witnessed many homeowner completed remodeling projects that are impressively done without any prior skill or oversight from a contractor. I have also had to charge some other folks to rip up and throw away some portion of an ill-fated attempt at “Do it […]
Uncategorized Which remodeling projects give the best return on investment Building & Remodeling Which Remodeling Projects Get The Best Return On Investment   What remodeling job has the best return on investment? According to the National Association of Realtors, in their Cost vs. Value report; a deck addition is the winner and will yield an 85.4% return. I have to assume that this is a […]
Uncategorized What should be written in your construction contracts Building & Remodeling What must be written in your construction contracts   Home improvement contractor complaints have held the number one slot in Department of Consumer Protection’s list of bad boys for many years. Not surprisingly, our state legislators have reacted to provide additional safeguards for their electorate. Both home improvement contractors (remodelers) and new […]
Uncategorized How much does a New Construction Home Cost? Building & Remodeling How Much Does A New Home Cost? Many times in my twenty six years in the construction business I had been called by someone looking for a house in the area. They have all looked at many and liked very few. Their thoughts then went to new construction. “Maybe we should design […]
Uncategorized The Process of Building and Remodeling Building & Remodeling What You Should Expect During The Remodeling Process   You have saved and planned. You have decided once and for all do go for the remodel of your dreams. You have called your contractor, and made plans to start on the first of next month. While you and the contractor wait for […]
Uncategorized The differences between Contractors Building & Remodeling The differences between Contractors Engrained in every consumers head is the thought that “You must get three quotes” when planning a remodel, addition, or new home. I have a belief that there is an implanted chip in all of us that is already pre-loaded with this kind of information before we are […]
Uncategorized Building and Remodeling- Consumer Law- Lesson 101 Building & Remodeling Consumer Law in Connecticut- Lesson 101   When you first got your driver’s license, you had to take a test to show your proficiency. Unfortunately, this is not so with builders and remodelers. Home Improvement Contractors (Remodelers) and New Home Contractors do need to have a registration from the State to work […]
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